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No Props? No Prob: At-home Substitutes for Yoga Props

Most yoga studios have a set of props for their students to borrow: blocks, straps, bolsters, and more. But what happens when you want to take your studio practice to your living room? You could always purchase these props for yourself - or, you can get creative. Here are some resourceful substitutes for yoga props that you may already have at home.


Substitute: hardcover book

Think of a book about the same thickness as a block - this way, you are able to access poses similarly. You can even stack multiple books here to increase your pose’s accessibility.

Used in: Triangle, Hero’s Pose, Forward Fold

Strap Substitute: long-sleeve shirt

Imagine the sleeves as the two ends of the strap.

Used in: Seated Forward Fold, Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose, Cow Face Pose

Yoga Blanket

Substitute: throw blanket

A blanket comparable in size to that of a yoga blanket would work best so you can fold it similarly. If you have a favorite blanket at home, this may make your practice feel a little extra cozy!

Used in: Easy Seat, Low Lunge, Reclined Cobbler’s Pose


Substitute: pillow or rolled-up blanket(s)

Choose a pillow that’s not too flat, but not overly puffy - a couch throw pillow works well here. To achieve the length of a bolster for certain poses, a blanket would be a nice option here as well.

Used in: Supine Twist, Supported Fish Pose, Locust Variations


Substitute: dumbbell wrapped in a blanket or towel

Sandbags usually weigh no more than 10 pounds, so a weight anywhere between seven and 10 pounds will work here. They are typically used in restorative and yin practices but can also help achieve grounding in a variety of poses.

Used in: Child’s Pose, Crocodile Pose, Staff Pose

Eye Pillow

Substitute: sweatshirt sleeve

The sleeve of a sweatshirt will provide a bit more heaviness than that of a shirt. You can fold the sleeve over twice for a little added weight.

Used in: Restorative Bridge, Legs Up The Wall, Corpse Pose

Bonus: Essential Oil

Substitute: candle

Oils and scents are by no means necessary for a practice, but it can be a nice added touch. Choose a light scent, such as lavender, vanilla, or linen. Light it at the start of your practice - just keep it a safe distance away from your mat!

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